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Students speak: new electives

Northwood has recently introduced the new F.O.R.C.E. program, which consists of an English, science and psychology class centered around forensics. The specialized nature of the class intrigued Northwood students, sparking discussion about the addition of future classes that may appeal more towards the individual interests

ARE THEY DATING?! Ponge HS sweethearts

Within the school campus of Northwood High, there exist many teachers associated with one another, the Guys, the Olivareses, but there is one rouge couple that stands out above them all: Ponge. For those of you who don’t know, Ponge is a ship name between

Orange County turns blue

Remembering the editorial in The Howler a few months ago endorsing Hillary Clinton (only the second Howler editorial ever) brings a sad feeling. We predicted and hoped that she would be the first female president. However, Clinton supporters can find comfort in a recent change