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VAPA, where art thou?

When we typically think of high school education, our thoughts almost always go directly to academics. The image of students huddled over a textbook, frantically cramming for an exam comes to mind all too readily. But there’s a lot more to a complete and fulfilling

Grandma’s House of Hope: bringing hope to the homeless

For many Northwood students, “family” isn’t the first word that comes to mind when thinking about their school. However, Northwood’s newest club, Grandma’s House of Hope (GHoH), aims to change that. Founded by senior Michael Wang and junior Harvey Zhou, GHoH aims to provide students

Loans and tuition and debt, oh my!

College is one of the first thing on any high school student’s mind—especially at Northwood. But a high GPA and good test scores can only get you so far. The financial cost of higher education is often a bigger factor in students’ decisions than their

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How to respond to racism

A study published in Science magazine in 2014 showed that thoughtful conversations worked best to change people’s minds. The next year, a scandal broke. All the data from the study turned out to be false. However, the results of a second study, this time with

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TLT restaurant review

Jason Quinn and Daniel Shemtob teamed up to start The Lime Truck in 2010, and two years later their first brick-and-mortar restaurant opened in Westwood. Now, they boast two more locations, one in Newport Beach and one in the Irvine Spectrum, and their truck continues