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Category Archives: Issue III

Autumn silence

Fall makes me feel like flying And I can hardly breathe through the leaves Yellow, orange and red They make me wish I were dead The sun sets on the horizon and grieves And the colors she casts are the same A thin veil, a

My only

The purpose of this artwork is to depict a scene unknown to the viewer. Everything seems to be random, peculiar and somewhat silly, but not to the woman peacefully residing in the honey-filled half of the watermelon. Only she understands her world that she has

How to vamp(ire) it up on Halloween

Travel with a posse of small children. Someone’s bound to notice that you don’t quite belong. Then again, maybe they won’t. Wear a couple’s costume by yourself. Be salt and pepper, Patrick inside SpongeBob, peanut butter mixed with jelly….you know what I mean. If you

Amnesty International educates freshmen

Amnesty International held its annual freshmen discussions to expose freshmen to various humans rights topics on Oct. 5-6. These discussions are hosted annually by the Amnesty International Club, and focus on raising awareness about these topics and informing the students, so that students can begin