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September Centerspread

Due to some printer issues, our Centerspread became discolored from its original version. Here it is in its original glory. Centerspread by Kristina Kim

The rejected classes of Northwood

In light of the school year getting underway, The Howler sent two undercover reporters to the IUSD headquarters to shed some light on why certain classes were rejected. What they discovered were years of cover-ups and lies. Thanks to their work, the truth is finally

“They think me Macbeth, and ambition is my folly”

I approach a group of students chatting outside the drama room. My timing is purposeful; seventh period Advanced Drama just got out of class, making it likely that some of the students who lingered to chat are involved with the upcoming fall play. I’m in

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A plague o’ all your classes, Northwood High

When was your last checkup? If it wasn’t in the past week, you could be at high risk for these back-to-school illnesses, and unfortunately for you, these diseases cannot simply be solved by drowsing yourself in Purell. Luckily, Northwood’s team of top epidemiologists have compiled

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Communicating on the path to wellness

Diverting from the typical routine of the school year, Wellness Day will take place next Monday with the goal of promoting healthy habits for students. Since this will be Northwood’s second Wellness Day, the administration took the chance to revamp the event to make it