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Rock the Vote

ASB hosted an event called Rock the Vote with hopes of encouraging students to vote in elections and participate in government. Taking place on April 28 in the Northwood theatre, the event featured local politicians who sat in a panel. After introducing themselves, they gave

Grilled Avocado and Prosciutto Salad

With the entertaining season just around the corner, it can’t hurt to have a reliably simple yet impressive recipe under your belt. Treat your friends and family to this unique and sophisticated salad-with-a-flair. This nutritious feast showcases a wide range of natural textures and flavors

Meet the new Athletic Commissioners

After extensive campaigning, juniors Kellie May and Michael Bellas have been elected to the positions of Girls and Boys Athletic Commissioners respectively and wish to accomplish the goals they have set for the upcoming school year. As Athletic Commissioners, May and Bellas are responsible for

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Luna Grill Review

Offering high-quality Mediterranean food in an upscale atmosphere, the new Luna Grill location at the Spectrum is a great option for lunch or dinner. The food is both exotic and comforting, elevating street-style dishes by incorporating fragrant spices and unconventional ingredients, such as jalapeño bacon.

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Charter Oak Awards Ceremony

Northwood’s finest students received awards for their stellar grades and good citizenship at the Charter Oak Award Ceremony on Thursday, April 28 at 7 p.m. in the theatre. Staff announced each category of awards in the following order: Academic Excellence and Merit Awards, National Merit