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Category Archives: Issue V

A season of giving: some places to donate

It is that time of year again. Christmas is around the corner and it’s time to hit the mall (or online markets) for that perfect gift. It’s also the perfect time to give back to those in need, so here are a few places to

NTV Orange County Film Festival

With only 24 hours to spare, NTV students scripted, directed, filmed and edited a music video for the The 24 film contest on Dec. 2 to Dec. 3. From 3 p.m. on Dec. 2 to 3 p.m. Dec 3, Northwood filmmakers and broadcasters prepared and

A Capella club

With its Christmas carols and close harmonies, Northwood’s A Capella club is hitting all the right notes—literally. As the sole singing club on campus, the club provides a place for students to learn and perform choral music, regardless of experience and enrollment in the choral

Clever coders at work

Northwood’s Tech Club hosted free programming classes at Microsoft stores for students of ages 8-12 starting in November. These classes were offered through NHS Tech Club’s “6 Games in 6 Days” initiative. Two sessions of 20 kids each met weekly at classes held at the

Sports stories: overcoming obstacles

When an athlete is injured on the field, everyone in the stands freeze. Unfortunately, Northwood is not immune to such phenomenon. This month, The Howler focuses in on a few heartbreaking moments in Northwood sports, when the air is silent except for the prayers of