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Ebola: Sickened by sensationalism

To some, the recent Ebola outbreak may seem like the harbinger of a coming disaster. We’ve all seen that movie where one guy boards his flight coughing, eyes running, nose watering. Suddenly it seems like everyone is infected, and humanity is doomed to succumb to

Talking the talk: Speech & Debate wins Northwood OCSL

Northwood’s Speech and Debate team placed first overall at the Northwood Orange County Speech League (OCSL), a speech and debate tournament held at the Northwood campus last Saturday. “All of our hard work with the class and club finally paid off tonight,” said senior Reba

“Hyper-Links”: Redefining Friendship in the Digital Age

We all know that feeling. It’s just the two of you, walking towards each other in the hallway. I mean, you’ve “liked” his or her profile pictures and left complimentary comments on his or her Facebook profile picture, yet right now in this moment, you