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Pick your friends, not your nose

“F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me, N is for anywhere and anyplace at all!” SpongeBob was right—the first step to having fun is making friends. High school is a pivotal point in every student’s life; it’s a

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Now UC it; now you don’t

The greater part of our adolescent lives has been spent in apprehensive anticipation of the words “Congratulations! Welcome to the Class of 2019!” from the university of our dreams. After the stress that accompanied this winter’s application season finally ended, seniors were largely left in

What do you think smart even means, genius?

There are 12 different definitions for the word “smart,” according to At Northwood, however, we don’t even use half of these meanings. We don’t describe a knife as smart, or a person’s fashion as smart; we use the word “smart” as a title bestowed

A case for your favorite font: Comic Sans MS

It’s the scourge of the design world: an abomination of aesthetics, a monstrosity of motif, a sacrilege of style. Or so they say. “It,” of course, refers to Comic Sans MS—the unapologetically ubiquitous typeface tastelessly plastered all over lost pet notices, your elementary school handouts,