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Education, business and fun: new clubs of NHS

As we kick off another semester, Northwood welcomes nine new clubs. With such a large variety of clubs on-campus, there’s something for everyone. Stop by these classrooms during lunch, bring old friends and meet new ones. TED-Ed: Northwood’s new TED-Ed club aims to provide a

Northwood, we’re clear for takeoff

Motivated solely by his own zeal and passion for flying, senior Damon Morales prefers to spend his time studying flight handbooks and learning new languages. Unlike most high school students, Morales has known the answer to “What do you want to be when you grow

Are seasonal flavors leaving a bad taste in your mouth?

Walk down the supermarket candy aisle on Sept. 30, and you’ll see the familiar bright colors and designs you’ve come to know and love, smell the welcoming scents of sugar and chocolate and hear the laughter of delighted children. But walk down the same candy

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Speech and Debate places 2nd in Novice

The Northwood Speech and Debate team placed 2nd overall in the Orange County Speech League (OCSL) Novice Tournament at Sonora High School on Oct. 10. Besides the overall placing, the competing members from Northwood earned a plethora of individual event awards including 1st place in

The steps before the pep

Behind the curtains of the one-hour spectacle that we know as the pep rally, there are months of hard work and preparation put in. This massive amount of effort goes towards making sure everything runs smoothly—from the pep rally commissioners that you see on the