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Leaving teachers

Just like that, 10 months seem to have gone by in a blink of an eye. Now, as the school year winds down, only a few days remain before it is time to say goodbye to not only our seniors, but also to some of

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Paving their own yellow brick road

After throwing their caps into the air, and bidding one last farewell to the majestic oak, most Northwood students choose to study an academic major, or go to junior college and later transfer to one. However, this year, a few seniors are not following the

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Balancing coaching and teaching

While students have multiple commitments to attend to, they are not the only ones who feel the pressure to fulfill them.  Several of Northwood’s teachers teach up to three classes a day before immediately rushing to the field or court to coach a sport. Just

Youngbo Shim crowned Mr. Timberwolf

 At Northwood’s fifth annual Mr. Timberwolf pageant, held on Feb. 23 in the Northwood theatre, 13 male seniors showed off their talent and wit in hopes of becoming the newest Mr. Timberwolf. Mr. Timberwolf is a charitable event in which 13 male seniors are chosen

Speaking up in Sacramento

Six Northwood students attended the annual advocacy trip to Sacramento on March 6 to voice their concerns and ideas about the education system to the state legislature. The students included seniors Hurya Ahmed, Celina Guan, Amy Guo, Amanda Miskell and Riya Chaudhry and junior Joy