Born to run: the 2019 Northwood 5k

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Children, adults and Northwood athletes gathered to run at Northwood’s 10th annual 5K on Feb. 9 hosted by Platinum Sponsor Michael Dunn in order to raise money for the school.

Junior Cory Stone scored first place in the males 16-18 age division having a time of 16:21 as well as third overall, while sophomore Audrey Landis finished first place in the females 16-18 age division with a time of 19:08. Beckman alumni Noah Elrich led the pack with a time of 15:53, coming in first place in the males 19-24 age division.

“I motivate myself through seeing progress, so I just kept watching my pace,” Landis said. “The most rewarding part was just seeing my time and my improvements.”

Runners made their way to the starting line a few minutes before 8 a.m. on the day of the race to warm up and listen to a performance of the National Anthem by a quartet of Chamber Singers. The race began promptly at 8:01 a.m., sending hundreds of runners along Timberwolf Trail at the sound of the pistol. The trail started on Yale, turned right on Wolf Trail andleft on Orchard Hills before looping back around to Northwood.

After the race ended, students, racers and families sat down for a pancake breakfast prepared by the NHS culinary program and sought shelter from the rain that began to pour in the middle of the 5K. Participants then made their way to the gym, where the first through third place winners of each age division were recognized and awarded.

“The Timberwolf 5K brings the entire community together for a common cause,” Dunn said. “While it is great to raise money for the high school, the deep, long-lasting benefit is seeing all the people involved in putting the race together and how it acts as a bond for all of Northwood.”

Many racers encountered rain during the event, which started as a light drizzle but gradually increased to a downpour, sending several runners to seek shelter under tents placed throughout the course.

“It was quite an adventure,” sophomore Ayushi Bhardwaj said. “Soaked feet and drenched hair: surely a morning to remember.”

Having supported over 1,100 athletes and 25 athletic teams for many years, the event once again served as an opportunity for Northwood’s athletic teams to bond, and for the community to come together as a whole.

“For me specifically, during the race, some clients would wave at me and tell me, ‘keep going, Mike’ and yell encouragement,” Dunn said. “This is the best thing about the event. It also shows everyone how in any given situation, if we all work together, we can achieve anything as a community and be the best we can be.”