Battle for the House Cup

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Northwood seniors emerged victorious in the “Harry Potter”-themed Clash of the Classes held Jan. 12 to Jan. 18, where grade levels competed against each other to earn points and win first place in the House Cup.

The competition commenced on Jan. 12 at the Winter Pep Rally, with winter sport representatives playing Quidditch and Hungry Hippos, and continued with a dodgeball competition, trivia and a talent show.

“Clash of the Classes is always a great event to plan,” ASB President senior Claire O’Connor said. “Class unity throughout the process is exciting and spirit is at an all-time high.”

Each class was assigned a Hogwarts house, with seniors representing Gryffindor, juniors representing Ravenclaw, sophomores representing Slytherin and freshmen representing Hufflepuff.

Students wore “Harry Potter”-themed outfits for school spirit and class points. These included dressing up in one’s class colors, wearing black for Dementor Day and twinning with a partner for Twin Day.

The juniors were successful in both their dodgeball games after defeating the sophomores and seniors, winning first place for the event.

The juniors and seniors tied for the win in the third day’s trivia competition which consisted of questions on a variety of subjects. The seniors were intially announced as the winners, but later review of the results confirmed that it was a tied win.

The talent show on the fourth day featured performances such as a string quartet, dancing, and art.

“I really appreciated how much this school supported the arts and how the upper grades cheered on the lower grades and vice versa,” sophomore Sreekar Kasturi said. “We all celebrated the talent this school explodes with.”

Winning the talent show, the senior class took first in the overall competition, followed by the juniors, the sophomores and the freshmen.

“Despite the differences that define Northwood’s diversity, our student body is able to transcend those barriers when it concerns the pride we all have,” ASB student representative senior David Park said. “That’s the beauty of our school spirit.”