Aye, aye T-Wolf captains

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With the fall sports season in full swing, team captains, coaches and athletes are working tirelessly both on and off the field as they strive to reach their full potential. While many people associate athletic leaders with their abilities on the field, few realize that there are specific qualities needed in order to be a good leader in sports.

Down on the track, the best leaders appear to be the most adaptable and optimistic people on the team. Coaches are not only looking for all the right skills and athletic abilities, but also for those who are able to be a good example in every situation.

“We want someone who has a good attitude during practice, competition and outside of practice regardless of whether things are going really well or not so well,” Girls Cross Country Coach Louie Muniz said.

Players look for many different qualities in their leaders, but a good attitude appears to be a common theme.

“A leader with a positive outlook and pretty much always having a good attitude when facing a difficult decision is important,” Varsity Girls Volleyball player junior Gracie Schweizer said. “Also being competitive is a good thing as well.”

Not only is communication vital within school and in everyday life, but out on the courts it can make or break a team’s performance, according to some team captains.

“Communication is key. If you can’t communicate with your team, you can’t get things done,” Girls Varsity Volleyball captain senior Jenna Kung said. “Also prioritizing your team before you is important, making sure that the team runs as smoothly as possible.”

At the end of the day, one single attribute seems to resonate throughout the coaches and athletes, and that is the will of a leader to take responsibility for the greater good of their team.

“You need to be a responsible person in order to lead. If you’re not responsible as a captain, nothing is going to get done,” JV Girls Tennis captain junior Isabel Muñoz said.

So what makes a good leader? People have many different opinions on it all: some say athletic ability, some say positive attitude. These qualities, however, only scrape the surface of what a good leader should be.