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Cafe de Paris: fast, fresh fusion

The recently opened Cafe De Paris in University Town Center offers a unique fusion of European dishes with Asian-inspired twists. Its Asian and European blend is made apparent by the restaurant’s interior, looking like the perfect mixture between a bakery right in the heart of

A colorful Holi-day

White shirts transformed into unique colored masterpieces at the Holi “Festival of Colors” celebration at Cedar Grove Park on March 10. The event was hosted by the Northwood South Asian Student Association (SASA) and was aimed at celebrating this South Asian tradition and teaching students

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“Captain Marvel” movie review: a (meh)velous film

Marvel Studios’ “Captain Marvel” is the 21st installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, yet it felt more like one of its early, developmental films. While it absolutely shook up the norms of the current superhero genre with its female lead, powerful story and commentary on

Opinion: I love College Board and I’m not ashamed

More important than the Department of Education, the Brown v. Board court decision or even Ben Shapiro’s masterfully crafted lectures, College Board has been the sole organization upholding America’s supreme education system in the face of increasingly less intelligent students. College Board has proudly remained

Afters: an afters-cool delight

With a plethora of ice cream parlors in Irvine, it is hard to grasp if any are really worth the time, effort and money of going there, but Afters Ice Cream in the Diamond Jamboree plaza is deservedly worth the drive. The Afters experience starts