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The rise of the right

Over the course of the past year, the global political arena has witnessed a surge in the popularity of right-wing politicians and policies. This change has been especially evident in Europe. This past summer, after a nationwide vote that shocked the world, the United Kingdom

What people do at Starbucks

After snooping around at Starbucks for 16 hours, I feel qualified to write some common observations of what people do at Starbucks: Listen to whatever the new holiday-themed music is for the day. Wait in a fire-hazard line for a chance to order coffee Question

A Sanrio reunion: the Hello Kitty Cafe is a major hit

When I first heard that the Hello Kitty Café was opening this summer, I was intrigued. Despite my manly appearance, I’m a sucker for adorable things. After gathering up my weekly allowance for months, finishing all my college apps and finding a ride, I headed

Artist of the Month: Concert Queen Christina Tang

Philharmonic Orchestra concert mistress, Chamber Singers vocalist and actress in the upcoming “Shrek” musical: senior Christina Tang is undeniably a renaissance woman of music. This month, The Howler had an opportunity to sit down with to chat with Tang about the impact of music on

Sawdust isn’t just for lumberjacks

The Sawdust Art and Festival is home to wonderful pieces of artworks, none of which, sadly, are made of sawdust. Instead, it is an art festival held between June 3 to Sept 30  and every weekend between Nov. 19 through Dec. 18. Established in 1965,