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Kimberly Rohrs on the art of education

As one of Northwood’s distinguished art teachers, Kimberly Rohrs is on her seventh year of developing classes in her own way. From AP Art History to Jewelry Making, Rohrs continues to inspire students with her love of art and teaching. In an interview with the

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Yeehaw! NTV lassoes awards at OCFF

Northwood students emerged victorious from the 16th Orange County Film Festival on Jan 4, an annual convention for local young filmmakers and performers to showcase their cinematic creations with seniors Kylia LaMure, Danielle Smith and Jennifer Lin winning in the categories for Best Short Film,

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Coming and (van) Go(gh)ing to Art Club

Northwood’s Art Club is dedicated to promoting the visual arts at Northwood, providing a sanctuary and outlet for Northwood’s budding artists to hone their skills and expand their talents with their peers. With meetings on even Mondays in Room 503, Art Club hosts thematic activities

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Feels too hot? Snow problem

During the transition from fall to winter, when sunny Southern California manages to finally drop a couple degrees, people often look for ways to celebrate the holiday season and participate in traditional wintertime festivities. As the colder weather comes in, so does the imported snow