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Let’s get this bread: an athletic appetite

Being a student athlete is a huge commitment, not only with the time spent in practices and games, but also in maintaining a healthy lifestyle to succeed in one’s sport. Many athletes have to go the extra mile to make a larger impact on the

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Black Friday: best steals and deals

Every year, Black Friday is famous for not only marking the end of filling Thanksgiving meals, pumpkin pie and the notorious, political family discussions, but also for jump-starting preparation for the holidays through multiple bargains, discounts and promotions. For all of you early birds rushing

Memory Project: giving back to children in need

Over the course of the next two months, eight select Portfolio Prep students at Northwood will participate in the Memory Project by painting portraits of children from the Philippines. The Memory Project is a program funded by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) that allows

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Haunted houses in Orange County

As Halloween grows closer and closer, those looking for a scare do not have to search far beyond the area, as Orange County is home to several fun and frightening haunted houses. The 17th Door – Fullerton Filled with demons, zombies and monsters wielding knives

Our handy dandy Andy

Most of Northwood’s athletes have the luxury of playing their sport without thinking about the work that goes into fostering a healthy, well-equipped team. From treating a sprained ankle to supplying cold water to the thirsty athletes that come off of the football field, athletic