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Only one field to rule them all

Without a proper stadium to call home, Northwood has always utilized other schools’ stadiums to host our home games. In the past, games have always been at Irvine High School, but for the 2016 and 2017 football seasons, Northwood was hosted by Portola High School.

Aye, aye T-Wolf captains

With the fall sports season in full swing, team captains, coaches and athletes are working tirelessly both on and off the field as they strive to reach their full potential. While many people associate athletic leaders with their abilities on the field, few realize that

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Physical education: educational and energized

As the work, expectations and stress of school increase with every coming school year, students often find themselves increasingly bogged down by the monotonous cycle of school, work and sleep (or lack thereof). The pressure to perform and prove oneself to top colleges has left

The Monks of Funk streaming now

Student bands come and go, but few have reached the success of The Monks of Funk: producing and releasing a professionally-made album on Spotify. Consisting of members from Northwood High School and University High School, The Monks of Funk have been making music since 2016

Makoa Lukela: on a flaming knife’s edge

While Northwood hosts a variety of talented and skilled students, few of them have hobbies that could potentially end up giving you third-degree burns, or even worse. One of these hobbies is the art of fire knife dancing, a polynesian dance that uses a large