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Artist of the Month: triple threat Chris Kassir

From his guitar videos on Instagram (@christop.k) to his performances as a Chamber Singer to his acting roles on the Northwood stage, junior Chris Kassir is no stranger to performing. In an interview with The Howler, Kassir explained the work he puts into all of

The Church must do penance for its sins

Some may dread the hour long masses or enjoy the sense of support that comes with the community, but everyone can agree that there are certain aspects of the Catholic Church that most are trying their best to ignore. With the recent case involving Cardinal

Northwood’s Instagram-famous artists and musicians

Instagram isn’t just a platform for posting your favorite Winter Formal photos or your trendy Cauldron ice cream shots—many people make art accounts to display their artwork and talents. Some may focus on one type of art form, while others may branch out into many

Bravo! They’ve got that T-Wolf Factor

A night of moving performances by Northwood’s very own marked another successful Northwood Talent Show on Feb. 22. Aptly named “The T-Wolf Factor” after the popular television competition show “The X-Factor,” the program featured many acts ranging from vocal and instrumental covers to speed painting

Good, Bad and Ugly: V-Day, not D-Day

You know that feeling: Valentine’s Day is passing and you’re sitting alone in your room with your “sad boi hours” playlist that’s been playing on repeat for the past several hours while you binge eat. It’s not a good feeling, is it? What if we