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Famous family lines in NHS sports

It might be hard to imagine that, despite being the second youngest high school in the district, Northwood has a long history of athletes and alumni like its sister schools, University and Irvine.  However, with 19 years underneath its belt, Northwood has already played host

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The king’s new kingdom in LA

It’s been four months since LeBron James made the controversial switch to the Lakers leaving many with mixed reactions. A former member of the Cleveland Cavaliers, James announced his move to the L.A. Lakers on a four year, $153.3 million deal in early July. According

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Irvine City Council votes 4-0 for IPD drones

The Irvine City Council voted 4-0 on Sept. 25 to begin a drone division that will assist the Irvine Police Department (IPD) in performing various duties around the city. The drone will be controlled by a four-person team and used to perform reconnaissance over crime

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Costume designer Audrey Harjanto

With Halloween around the corner, time appears to be running out for those who waited for the last minute to figure out what to wear for the night. However, some people, including junior Audrey Harjanto, had their Halloween night all planned out long before others

One cast, one crew

While school plays seem to pop up out of nowhere, a lot of effort is put in behind the scenes that what the audience sees on stage represents just a fraction of the work required in order to pull off the show. From creating props