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Amnesty hosts Human Rights Week

Amnesty International club hosted its annual Human Rights Week from Jan. 8-11 with a series of presentations from various human rights activists and organizations on major current issues, ranging from immigration to gender studies. Speakers included Courtney Glazer-Mapfumo and Erika Bertelsen from the University of

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How to survive second semester

You know what they say: second time’s the charm. Now that the school year is halfway through, you should have a good feel of your situation and a thirst for redemption—a clean slate. Consider these tips for surviving second semester; Buy some new notebooks. You

Students showcase a wide variety of dances at Fallout XI

With the end of the year approaching, Northwood dance students spectacularly showcased the results of months of hard work at their annual fall show Fallout XI on Nov. 29 and 30. Fallout was completely choreographed by students who relied on their own previous experiences. “The

There’s snow wonderful time like winter break

The second the last bell rings on Friday, students will burst in all directions at the end of a tedious week of finals to jump-start the two week break ahead of them. Though many decide to relax on their couches in the comfort of their