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Destress 101: how to chill out

It’s that stressful time of year again. Try out some of these helpful tips to help you relax! Reach out for help. If messaging your friends for help doesn’t work, resort to prank-calling your teacher. Start by asking them if their refrigerator is running, then

Sweet Potato Wedges and Avocado Aioli

With the arrival of fall (arguably the best time of the year) comes a wave of familiar, cozy flavors and seasonal dishes. Usually one thinks of pumpkin, cinnamon, maple or apple treats to satisfy an evening craving, but one underappreciated member of the morning glory

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Humanities redesign

Northwood’s favorite two-year, four-class course is undergoing a curriculum overhaul as English and history teachers come together to redesign the Humanities Core. The new class structures, which have come into effect this year, include much more cross-curricular collaboration than just the anchor, with the Humanities