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Artists of the Month: twirlers Angelina Chen and Ben Zietz

Decorating the spotlight of Marching Band performances, feature twirlers juniors Benjamin Zietz and Angelina Chen add flair to halftime shows and captivate audiences as they spin their batons in midair. The two are already acclaimed for their baton twirling skills, as Chen has recently received

Seasonal sweets

It’s the time of year to trick-or-treat yourself to zesty, limited-edition fall goods you need to get your hands (and taste buds) on before they’re gone. Dunkin’ Donuts: There’s nothing better to start your day off than a cup of coffee—and now you can wake

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The 2018 Midterms: a midterm you shouldn’t dread

Democrat Katie Porter: As the midterms draw near, citizens across the country are preparing to vote in this year’s high-stakes elections. For the first time in two years, people across the country are being given the chance to voice their dissatisfaction with the current Trump

Sporty singles versus deportista doubles

“Love” means nothing in tennis. More specifically, it means a score of zero. However, Girls Varsity Tennis deserves nothing but the right kind of love for their hard work and grit this season. “Tennis is 90 percent mental. If you’re not mentally tough, it’s gonna