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Tricks, not treats

Each year, children and teenagers all across America look forward to Halloween, from dressing up to handing out candy, and perhaps more importantly, trick-or-treating. However, after tirelessly walking from door to door all night, that moment when they pour out all their candy from their

Seasonal sweets

It’s the time of year to trick-or-treat yourself to zesty, limited-edition fall goods you need to get your hands (and taste buds) on before they’re gone. Dunkin’ Donuts: There’s nothing better to start your day off than a cup of coffee—and now you can wake

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Meet your NTV anchors

Every Friday morning, students look forward to watching the weekly episode of NTV during TA. Yet, what many students often forget is the amount of time and effort students put into a 10-minute episode. The Howler sat down with your NTV anchors to learn what

Maple Sugar Cookies

When fall begins to come around, so does the beginning of the school year. Piles upon piles of homework, quizzes and tests… it’s like summer never even happened. Sometimes, I feel like I have to give myself a well-deserved break, away from constantly staring at