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Hopes for the new year

Every new year comes with new hopes and aspirations for students across Northwood. With the first semester finally coming to an end, students are looking forward to the fresh start of the second semester. Whether it be academics, sports or simply one’s interests and hobbies,

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Speculative Super Bowl predictions

A hectic NFL season highlighted by Patrick Mahomes’ crazy improvised antics, the Miracle in Miami, the Rams-Chiefs thriller and the Bears’ “Double Doink,” will culminate with Super Bowl LIII on Sunday, Feb. 3 in Atlanta, Georgia. We asked Northwood students to predict the matchup and

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Feels too hot? Snow problem

During the transition from fall to winter, when sunny Southern California manages to finally drop a couple degrees, people often look for ways to celebrate the holiday season and participate in traditional wintertime festivities. As the colder weather comes in, so does the imported snow

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Famous family lines in NHS sports

It might be hard to imagine that, despite being the second youngest high school in the district, Northwood has a long history of athletes and alumni like its sister schools, University and Irvine.  However, with 19 years underneath its belt, Northwood has already played host