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The sounds of fall: (autumn)matopoeias galore

With the semester well underway and fall festivities in full swing, Northwood’s instrumental and vocal programs held their annual Fall Concerts from Oct. 16-18. Choir kicked off the music-filled week with a special performance, coined by Vocal Director Zach Halop as the “Fun01” concert, which

Artist of the Month: Adharsh Subramanian

Senior Adharsh Subramanian has been involved in music since he was 5 years old, and when he’s not jamming with friends, helping other students at the peer tutor center or smashing aces as the Varsity Boys Tennis captain, he manages his nonprofit Organic Farm Charity.

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“Bengo” craze sweeps Northwood

What began as a practical joke in Wind Symphony has now become a school-wide phenomenon that is causing students to create custom Bingo boards for their teachers’ signature phrases. “Bengo” (a clever portmanteau that combines “Ben-” of music teacher Benjamin Case and “-go” of the

Students will now be graded on school spirit

Northwood High School administration recently announced a new grading policy under which students will receive marks on their school spirit. After observing a recurring lack of support at league football games, the administration, in conjunction with Northwood’s ASB, has mandated that students must attend at

Introducing your new freshman leadership

Following the freshman election on Sept. 4, the Class of 2022 has elected freshmen Shan Syed and Katie Peabody as their class president and vice president, respectively. The freshman TAs voted between five candidates for president and five for the vice president during tutorial in