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Freshmen destress at Sip ‘n’ Study

Freshman class council kicked off Dead Week with their annual Sip ‘n’ Study on Dec. 11, an event directed towards gathering students together to enjoy a sip of hot cocoa and jump-start their finals preparation. The event began after sixth period in the library and

There’s snow wonderful time like winter break

The second the last bell rings on Friday, students will burst in all directions at the end of a tedious week of finals to jump-start the two week break ahead of them. Though many decide to relax on their couches in the comfort of their

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Let’s get this bread: an athletic appetite

Being a student athlete is a huge commitment, not only with the time spent in practices and games, but also in maintaining a healthy lifestyle to succeed in one’s sport. Many athletes have to go the extra mile to make a larger impact on the

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Black Friday: best steals and deals

Every year, Black Friday is famous for not only marking the end of filling Thanksgiving meals, pumpkin pie and the notorious, political family discussions, but also for jump-starting preparation for the holidays through multiple bargains, discounts and promotions. For all of you early birds rushing