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The sounds of fall: (autumn)matopoeias galore

With the semester well underway and fall festivities in full swing, Northwood’s instrumental and vocal programs held their annual Fall Concerts from Oct. 16-18. Choir kicked off the music-filled week with a special performance, coined by Vocal Director Zach Halop as the “Fun01” concert, which

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Terrifying Halloween thrillers

With Halloween season in full swing, it’s time to sit back, grab some candy and binge-watch the classics, but don’t expect to be getting much sleep anytime soon! The Shining (1980) Scare-o-meter: 5 ghosts During the winter of 1980, a seemingly innocent family trip goes

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Top 8 places for you to hang out during lunch

  A place where you know you belong: We highly recommend the Trash Can by the 1300 building as it’s a great place to socialize with all your nonexistent friends. In the middle of the road: There’s nothing more exhilarating than eating chicken nuggets on