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Physical education: educational and energized

As the work, expectations and stress of school increase with every coming school year, students often find themselves increasingly bogged down by the monotonous cycle of school, work and sleep (or lack thereof). The pressure to perform and prove oneself to top colleges has left

Balancing music and schoolwork

Music, like all things in life, takes practice in order to improve. There are hundreds of instruments, but regardless of what you play, practice is the only way to get better at your instrument of choice. But with school and extracurricular activities taking large chunks

Speech and Debate is state-bound

Northwood Speech and Debate will be sending more than 20 state qualifiers to the 2018 California High School Speech Association (CHSSA) State Tournament after successful results at the Orange County Speech League State Qualifiers. At the Feb. 23-24 Debate Qualifiers, Northwood filled nine qualifying slots,

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Northwood announces new mascots

In a tragic turn of events, Northwood’s beloved mascot is to be no more after a lawsuit was filed by the Minnesota Timberwolves against Northwood for the use of the Timberwolf. Northwood has until June 30 of this year to replace its mascot. Senior Cole