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Top 8 places for you to hang out during lunch

  A place where you know you belong: We highly recommend the Trash Can by the 1300 building as it’s a great place to socialize with all your nonexistent friends. In the middle of the road: There’s nothing more exhilarating than eating chicken nuggets on

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Destress 101: how to chill out

It’s that stressful time of year again. Try out some of these helpful tips to help you relax! Reach out for help. If messaging your friends for help doesn’t work, resort to prank-calling your teacher. Start by asking them if their refrigerator is running, then

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Secret sports superstitions

The legendary Serena Williams ties her shoelaces uniquely, wears shower sandals to the court and the same pair of socks throughout the match. It’s no surprise that if professional athletes are superstitious, Northwood athletes would be too. Clothes bringing luck is a popular belief throughout

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Fun in the sun: Californian solar mandate

Over the summer, California passed a Solar Panel Mandate that will require all new houses three stories or fewer to use solar panels by 2020. It also increased standards for insulation and requires non residential buildings to upgrade to energy-efficient lighting. At first, this may