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Seniors blaze the competition at Clash of the Classes

Seniors won the “Avatar: The Last Airbender” themed Clash of the Classes, held from Jan. 11-17, where each class competed against each other in various activities such as dodgeball, trivia and a talent show. “The ultimate goal is to create class pride and unity,” Junior

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NHS Teacher Awards

Calmest Teacher: Hoang Whether it’s during a lecture or when students discuss their grades, there’s one thing for sure: Mr. Hoang definitely won’t be there at his podium slamming his hands or yelling at his class. Tallest Teacher: Tran We’re all looking up to Miss

Northwood CubeSat helps launch second satellite into space

Northwood’s CubeSat Club contributed to the IPSF CubeSat program that made Irvine history on Monday, Dec. 3, launching the IRVINE02 satellite from Vandenburg, California, after a year of intense preparations. “It’s a huge task and I’m so proud of all the students and all the