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Charitable man of the moment: Mr. Timberwolf is crowned

Contestants sang, danced and laughed their way through the fourth annual Mr. Timberwolf pageant held in the Northwood theater on March 17. Mr. Timberwolf is a school-wide event in which nominated male seniors showcase their talents and compete over the opportunity to raise money for

Student misses graduation in traffic

Northwood senior Rangi Thimor was recently found still waiting in Northwood traffic after missing his graduation. Security camera footage indicates that Thimor’s Lexus had turned into the school as a freshman ready for his first day of school, and has waited there ever since. He

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Northwood Speech and Debate Competes at UC Berkeley and UNLV

Northwood Speech and Debate students competed in two national circuit tournaments this past month, attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) and University of California, Berkeley tournaments held on Feb. 4-6 and Feb. 18-20 respectively. Students who competed at the UNLV tournament included sophomores