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The benefits of Obamacare

For 25-year-old Kati McFarland, a woman from Arkansas battling Ehelrs-danlos syndrome, Obamacare may mean the difference between life and death. She is merely one of many Americans who depend on the Affordable Care Act and will lose part of their medical insurance when it is

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The dangers of echo chambers

Social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter are the main source of news consumption for many teens across America. However, these platforms’ personalization algorithms (which display posts based on one’s digital interaction history) are now creating echo chambers, or dangerous virtual spaces in which

The left-leaning news consumption at NHS

Throughout America, partisan bias in the media is an epidemic plaguing the nation and causing distrust within the American people. Northwood students are no exception to this phenomenon. Overwhelming trends show that students at Northwood trust liberal sources like CNN and the New York Times

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California: the epicenter of protest

Since Donald Trump’s election as president, many Californians, who overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton, appear to be confused about what their role is in this new America. As one of the most liberal states in the nation, California seems to be having trouble coping with