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Trash Bin of The Month: Trash Can #1

Trash Can is a trash bin that has been serving on the Northwood campus as a trash bin for the past ten years. Because we felt that the school’s trash bins were not getting the respect and glory they deserved, The Howler decided to start

Holiday conspiracy exposed?!

Have you ever wondered why the school always schedules Winter Break to conveniently begin right before Christmas? Certainly it can’t be to give students a popular holiday off so they can actually have fun with their friends and family instead of being constantly strangled by

Halloween Pumpkin Crossword!

Across A round, orange squash. A smooth, North American fruit with slightly ribbed skin. An edible, thick-shelled, domesticated squash. A round, typically orange, plant ovary that grows on the vine of the Cucurbita pepo after its flowers are pollinated by pollinators such as bees. A

A new concert schedule: Finter Fusion

Various changes have been made to the Northwood’s music program’s concert schedule this year, including a merged fall and winter concert, a change in the pops concert date and a pushing-back of the composition and chamber music project. Last spring, the music teachers at Northwood