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Halloween Pumpkin Crossword!

Across A round, orange squash. A smooth, North American fruit with slightly ribbed skin. An edible, thick-shelled, domesticated squash. A round, typically orange, plant ovary that grows on the vine of the Cucurbita pepo after its flowers are pollinated by pollinators such as bees. A

A new concert schedule: Finter Fusion

Various changes have been made to the Northwood’s music program’s concert schedule this year, including a merged fall and winter concert, a change in the pops concert date and a pushing-back of the composition and chamber music project. Last spring, the music teachers at Northwood

New subspecies discovered on campus

Earlier this month, a renowned government scientist approached The Howler with the news that it was possible a new subspecies of human had been discovered on the Northwood campus that appears to survive solely off highly caffeinated beverages like coffee and bubble tea. Though not