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Plot Twist: Phones aren’t cancerous

Teenagers these days are very attached to their cell phones, and many keep their phones with them at all times—even when they’re sleeping. As a result of this “trend,” many people are concerned about “research” that suggests sleeping close to a phone can increase one’s

Our new Korean class

After years of growing interest, Northwood is proud to introduce its new Korean 1 class to native and non-native speakers. Under the instruction of Esther Lee, a second-year teacher at Northwood, students taking this introductory course will have a chance to develop an understanding of

Car controversy: Should I buy gas or electric?

Gas Cars Many people automatically assume electric cars are better than gas cars, but they fail to recognize that electric cars have many flaws that ultimately make them inferior to gasoline cars. First of all, gasoline cars are not only cheaper but also have more

TV Spot: Silicon Valley

The HBO comedy “Silicon Valley” pokes fun at struggling coders as they try to start a new company, while also presenting important issues in the tech industry. Over the course of the first four seasons, Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch) and his team of coders struggle