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Our new Korean class

After years of growing interest, Northwood is proud to introduce its new Korean 1 class to native and non-native speakers. Under the instruction of Esther Lee, a second-year teacher at Northwood, students taking this introductory course will have a chance to develop an understanding of

Plot Twist: GMOs aren’t unhealthy, just misunderstood

Cancer-causing. Unnatural. Environmentally destructive. Ever since they’ve turned up in our grocery aisles and dinner tables, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have gotten somewhat of a bad rep as people voiced their skepticisms with the products. However, this negative reputation is undeserved and—more importantly—unsupported. Most rumors

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Lunch time opportunities

As the school year kicks off, several clubs around campus have set to work organizing meetings and activities. During lunch, be sure to check out these clubs with your friends. Astronomy Club: Interested in learning about the science of our universe? Come learn and have