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NO(rthwood): Students are underrepresented at elite schools

It’s a phrase ubiquitous at Northwood, from class scheduling to club membership: “It looks good on college applications.” While students here are great at polishing the GPA and extracurricular sections of the application, we never question what is perhaps the most important part of our

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UCI’s controversial discussion about climate change

UCI held a free, public climate change conference titled, “Fire and Ice: The Shifting Narrative of Climate Change,” on Feb. 8-9 to address a wide range of provocative issues concerning climate change, its planetary scope and how the common person can live sustainably. “Climate change

Coach Tim O’ Brien never stops tryin’

Basketball and golf coach, former health teacher and father, Tim O’Brien has had his share of life-defining challenges. In 2002, he endured an aorta aneurysm where he had six inches of his descending aorta replaced (a surgery that came with a 90% mortality rate). Only

Tutor Center: teach, learn, improve

For students looking for guidance and support with completing difficult classwork or homework, Northwood’s Tutor Center provides them with the tips, tricks and study habits they need to be successful in every class offered. Overseen by history teacher Logan Sewell and math teacher Sarah Ormes,

Dancing on ice: Sophia Chang

When she’s not busy studying for the next exam, she’s gliding on the ice rink, maneuvering in a series of spins and jumps on the edge of her blades. Senior Sophia Chang is not afraid to pursue her passion for ice skating. She sat down