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GBU: Some Final Words

Dear Howler, I’m currently a sophomore, and I’m really nervous about junior year.  Any advice? Good: Don’t be! Contrary to popular belief, junior year is actually pretty manageable and can be an exciting step in your Northwood journey. Make sure to maintain a good work

Meeting “With or Without Mimi”

A 45th Congressional District Town Hall meeting was held at the Northwood Gym on Tuesday, May 13 and brought together over 1,000 constituents. The meeting was organized by a constituency group known as CA 45th Town Hall, who branded this meeting with the slogan “with

TV Spotlight: Sherlock

It’s elementary, my dear Watson, that the newest “Sherlock” season is thrilling and suspenseful, but too fast to digest. The most recent saga of BBC’s “Sherlock” was released on Jan. 1 with the episode “The Six Thatchers.” The latest edition captivates an audience deprived of

Dosas and samosas

“Ammuji, I’ve had enough,” I mutter, rolling my eyes after stuffing in another glob of rice drenched in an unfamiliar cocktail of curries. Ah, holidays: that time of year filled with laughter, the aroma of cardamom, the fragrance of cumin, dancing on blanched blankets of