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NHS celebrates Día de Los Muertos

Over 100 students and staff gathered in the 1400 pod during lunch on Nov. 3 for the inaugural Northwood Día de Los Muertos celebration. Students enrolled in various Spanish classes were offered extra credit for participating in fun activities such as face painting, making cultural

The new and improved track

With the Spring sports season rapidly approaching, Northwood is lined up to get new facilities for its Track and Field team Currently, Northwood’s facilities consist of a dirt track and grass football field, which are often affected by inclement weather. After rainy nights, the track

A PSA about PSLs: unhealthy ingredients

This is the time of year for a concoction of caffeine, milk, cinnamon, nutmeg and a whole load of sugar…also known as one of Starbucks’s most popular seasonal drinks, the famous Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL). While this special delight appeals to our taste buds, what

A look at a few former NCAA athletes…teachers?

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is one of the most prestigious associations where talented athletes come from around the United States and compete against each other at a national level. In fact, some of these former athletes are now current teachers of Northwood High School.