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Artist of the Month: Elizabeth Zietz

Senior Elizabeth Zietz’s vibrant and cheerful personality make her popular among her high school peers. But there’s more to Zietz than her friendly smile; her intensity and virtuosity behind the piano has earned her a reputation among the nation’s greatest student musicians, having been prestigiously

Honoring our ‘Grade-A’ teachers

Northwood is full of hardworking, dedicated teachers, but two stand-out teachers this year were Jennifer Petrosian and Philemon Roh, the two recipients of the Teacher of Excellence award. Petrosian is a Humanities 9 and 10 English teacher and one of five education specialists who service

Holy moly! Success for Sci-Oly!

Northwood High School’s Science Olympiad team placed 11th out of 50 teams from across the country in the Golden Gate Invitational at UC Berkeley on Jan. 27 and 2nd out of 33 teams at the Orange County Regional Competition at UC Irvine on Feb. 10.

Clever coders at work

Northwood’s Tech Club hosted free programming classes at Microsoft stores for students of ages 8-12 starting in November. These classes were offered through NHS Tech Club’s “6 Games in 6 Days” initiative. Two sessions of 20 kids each met weekly at classes held at the

Plot Twist: Espresso is fake

Your alarm buzzes, and you reach for the snooze button. It’s time to wake up, but this morning you’re extra tired. So instead of the usual cup of coffee, you decide to go for an espresso. But contrary to popular belief, an espresso doesn’t give