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Gun violence on campuses

At the time this article was written, the most recent school shooting alarm occurred just 10 hours ago. The problem of gun violence on campuses has been rising in the recent years. Now, with Northwood’s recent bomb threat on campus, the issue has never been

Should you have beef with people who eat meat?

The Vegetarian Says by Michelle Politiski Let me start by saying that meat is not murder. Equating people who eat meat to murderers does not help anyone understand each other better, and the decision to either eat meat or avoid it is a dietary—and sometimes

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Install security cameras at bike racks

One month ago, senior Alex Webster arrived at the bike racks on Northwood’s campus and found that his bicycle had fallen victim to vandalism. “I came out of class and saw that my front derailleur was bashed in and my rear tire was jammed,” Webster

Hey Hanae!: Trombone tunes

Senior Hanae Yoshida is the principal trombonist of Northwood’s Wind Symphony and has been practicing trombone day in and day out since she was a little girl. Her wide range of accomplishments include being a National Youth Orchestra (NYO) musician as well as the OC