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Sorry, it’s (doctor’s) parent’s orders

As teenagers, we have control over a lot of our lives. And yet, when it comes to medical decisions, which can impact us significantly, everything still requires the approval of our parents or guardians. Currently, if you are under the age of 18 and want

New goals for a new year!

Stop procrastinating. Sleep early. Go to the gym. There are so many different New Year’s resolutions, but they are often difficult or nearly impossible to maintain throughout the course of the year. For those out there that are intending on keeping their resolutions, The Howler

TV Spot: ‘Black Mirror’ Season 4

The future is bleak—technology rules our lives. This is the message of “Black Mirror,” a groundbreaking dystopian series about the intersection of science fiction and scientific fact. Named after the black screen of our electronic devices, “Black Mirror”’s fourth season was recently released on Netflix.

The various teaching adventures of Mr. Gates

After teaching for over 20 years at high schools, community colleges and universities, in a variety of locations, Northwood English teacher Charles Gates opens up multiple gates to places outside Irvine that have been part of his life story. Armin Abaye and Vineet Palepu: What

Plot Twist: Espresso is fake

Your alarm buzzes, and you reach for the snooze button. It’s time to wake up, but this morning you’re extra tired. So instead of the usual cup of coffee, you decide to go for an espresso. But contrary to popular belief, an espresso doesn’t give