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Car controversy: Should I buy gas or electric?

Gas Cars Many people automatically assume electric cars are better than gas cars, but they fail to recognize that electric cars have many flaws that ultimately make them inferior to gasoline cars. First of all, gasoline cars are not only cheaper but also have more

TV Spot: Silicon Valley

The HBO comedy “Silicon Valley” pokes fun at struggling coders as they try to start a new company, while also presenting important issues in the tech industry. Over the course of the first four seasons, Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch) and his team of coders struggle

The Mitchells: like Father, like son

With the school year starting, there’s a lot of new students, as well as some new teachers like Peter Mitchell and … Peter Mitchell? That’s right, father and son duo Peter Mitchell Sr. and Peter Mitchell joined Northwood staff this year. While both have previously

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Why IUSD should fund high school clubs

It’s a familiar scene happening in August of every year– nervous freshmen, protective parents, bustling volunteers, and last, but not least– members of bands and sports asking for money at Registration. They’re not the only ones in need of money, however. Students running clubs, such