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Plot Twist: Espresso is fake

Your alarm buzzes, and you reach for the snooze button. It’s time to wake up, but this morning you’re extra tired. So instead of the usual cup of coffee, you decide to go for an espresso. But contrary to popular belief, an espresso doesn’t give

Northwood says “Yes, we CAN!”

Northwood students donated a total of 11,945 items according to ASB, during Northwood’s sixth annual Canned Food Drive, which was held between Nov. 6 and Nov. 16. Northwood’s ASB encouraged students to donate canned food and other items, such as cereal, paper towels and fruit

Great wins and heartbreaking losses

Here at Northwood, many of our athletes experience great wins and heartbreaking losses. For some, the wins and losses aren’t just about the end result of a game, match or meet. They can be great personal victories and team moments. Here are some of their

The new and improved track

With the Spring sports season rapidly approaching, Northwood is lined up to get new facilities for its Track and Field team Currently, Northwood’s facilities consist of a dirt track and grass football field, which are often affected by inclement weather. After rainy nights, the track

Interlude: learning in perfect harmony

Started by Homecoming King Nathan Ng during his sophomore year, Interlude is a club that helps many young musicians who can’t afford music lessons. “We give music lessons at no cost to underprivileged families and families that can’t afford the high cost of private lessons,”