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Stop the torture of our virtual friends!

Imagine being ripped apart from your family, violently restrained and plunged into cyberspace to be used and then discarded by thankless high schoolers. This sickening mental picture is the unfortunate reality for countless virtual animals across America. Virtual dissections are widely regarded as a “convenient”

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Alternative test facts

A lot of students probably clutched those As first semester with barely one point to spare our desperate grades. But, as always, there were those of us Timberwolves who were just below that border to get that coveted A in our classes because teachers stubbornly


How to vamp(ire) it up on Halloween

Travel with a posse of small children. Someone’s bound to notice that you don’t quite belong. Then again, maybe they won’t. Wear a couple’s costume by yourself. Be salt and pepper, Patrick inside SpongeBob, peanut butter mixed with jelly….you know what I mean. If you


Senior runs for Freshman President

Northwood senior Jacob Shapiro upended the school’s traditional political food chain when he announced his candidacy for freshman class president last Monday. The upperclassman has said he has always felt a strong connection with the issues at the center of freshman life. “As a senior,