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Recognizing extraordinary Timberwolf contributions

Northwood students were recognized for their leadership and service to the school at the Distinguished Timberwolves Ceremony on May 11 at the Oak. “I feel extremely honored to have received these awards and they make me even happier to be able to give back to

Fine Arts Week

Celebrating the depth and diversity of our talented Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) programs, the annual Fine Arts Week was hosted from April 10-14, featuring a variety of activities and performances centered around Northwood’s fine, fine arts. “Fine Arts Week is dedicated to exhibiting all

ARE THEY DATING?! Ponge HS sweethearts

Within the school campus of Northwood High, there exist many teachers associated with one another, the Guys, the Olivareses, but there is one rouge couple that stands out above them all: Ponge. For those of you who don’t know, Ponge is a ship name between

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Seniors look for four-leaf clovers

With college decision season just around the corner, more and more seniors have been found hunting for those lucky four-leaf clovers around Northwood’s campus in order to boost their admission chances. “For me, I have always looked for these lucky charms before anything important comes

Seniors triumphant in Clash of the Classes

The senior class emerged victorious over the other grade levels during the 3rd annual Clash of the Classes from Feb. 6-10, winning the title of the most “spirited” class for the second time. “It was amazing to win Clash of the Classes, as I’m sure