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Seniors look for four-leaf clovers

With college decision season just around the corner, more and more seniors have been found hunting for those lucky four-leaf clovers around Northwood’s campus in order to boost their admission chances. “For me, I have always looked for these lucky charms before anything important comes


Seniors triumphant in Clash of the Classes

The senior class emerged victorious over the other grade levels during the 3rd annual Clash of the Classes from Feb. 6-10, winning the title of the most “spirited” class for the second time. “It was amazing to win Clash of the Classes, as I’m sure

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Alternative test facts

A lot of students probably clutched those As first semester with barely one point to spare our desperate grades. But, as always, there were those of us Timberwolves who were just below that border to get that coveted A in our classes because teachers stubbornly


Photography shoots starry night at Joshua Tree

Under the cool night sky, Northwood students took a field trip to Joshua Tree National Park for a breathtaking experience under the natural scenery. “We had the whole area to ourselves,” Visual Imagery teacher David Vevia said. “This allowed the students to truly experiment with


Panera Bread bans students from stores

Panera Bread has officially banned all students from their stores nationwide—right after finals season in the Irvine Unified School District. Known as the “Studying Hotspot,” Panera was the perfect location for desperate students trying to get some study time because of its numerous outlets, large