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It’s the most wonderful concert of the year

With the memory of an amazing man who passed away last August, Northwood’s choral students poured their hearts out onto the stage for the first ever Finter Concert. Northwood’s choral department has decided to change things up this year, combining the fall and winter choir

Halop and Keiko: the legendary music power couple

They are more than teachers. More than musicians. With the melodic poetry of their lives, Zach and Keiko Halop teach more than just notes and rhythm. They teach music. As the choral director at Northwood High School, Zach Halop, has spent the last 18 years

François Comtois: Northwood’s own hometown hero

After graduating from Northwood in 2006, Francois Comtois, has spent the past 10 years as the drummer for the popular band Young the Giant. He sat down with The Howler to discuss his experiences with the Irvine community and his band. Derek Kim: Tell me

Dancers flourish at Fallout X

With finals and college app deadlines looming over the horizon, Northwood students took a break last week to celebrate their distinguished dance program as dancers stunned audiences at their annual fall dance concert, Fallout X, on Nov. 16 and Nov. 17. “The thing that I

NTV 2017-2018: A fresh start to the season

NTV is back and, you guessed it, better than ever. With contributions from the seasoned veterans to the talented newbies, Northwood Television has definitely kicked it up a notch this year, displaying a level of filmmaking that is unprecedented at our school. Much of NTV’s