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A referendum on Northwood’s new math classes

Sometimes it feels like the justification for reorganizing Northwood’s math program just doesn’t add up. While Common Core may be the bane of many a student’s existence, the Integrated Math curriculum proves that there is always more than what meets the eye with its continuity

Scientifically proven success

Northwood Science Olympiad placed 4th at the 32nd annual Southern California State Science Olympiad Competition held at the California Institute of Technology (CalTech) on April 8. Teams competed in a total of 25 study or construction events involving different scientific fields such as physics, chemistry

The best prom photo locations

Flowing gowns and dapper suits, glossy pumps and pocket squares—you know it, it’s prom season. But where can one capture their moments of elegance once prom day comes? Look no further—The Howler has provided you with some various locations that can become the perfect backdrop

Grandma’s House of Hope: bringing hope to the homeless

For many Northwood students, “family” isn’t the first word that comes to mind when thinking about their school. However, Northwood’s newest club, Grandma’s House of Hope (GHoH), aims to change that. Founded by senior Michael Wang and junior Harvey Zhou, GHoH aims to provide students

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Human rights week 2017

Northwood’s Amnesty International club held its 16th annual Human Rights Week from March 14-16, in order to raise awareness for a variety of civil rights issues. “The most important reason we do Human Rights Week is that it allows us to reach out to the