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VAPA, where art thou?

When we typically think of high school education, our thoughts almost always go directly to academics. The image of students huddled over a textbook, frantically cramming for an exam comes to mind all too readily. But there’s a lot more to a complete and fulfilling


YAT’s wizardly wisdom shines

Irvine’s High School Youth Action Team (HSYAT) recently organized its 23rd annual Teen Summit, a free conference intended to encourage high school students to live positive and proactive lives. Held at the Lakeview Senior Center on Mar. 4, Teen Summit gave students from across the



Northwood’s Visual and Performing Arts department (VAPA) hosted its first annual VAPA 8K fundraiser on March 20, National Arts Advocacy Day. The department insists that there is no correlation between their fundraiser and the Timberwolf 5K. “Our VAPA 8K, which is definitely not at all


IUSD 2017 Teacher of the Year

Talented, compassionate, intelligent, committed, funny, enthusiastic. These are just some of the words that students and Northwood staff alike have used to describe English teacher Christina Banagas-Engelerdt, the 2016-2017 IUSD High School Teacher of the Year. Having taught here since Northwood High opened in 1999,


Iraqi refugee shares story

Students gathered in Mary DeLuca’s room at lunch on Feb. 3 to hear a first-hand account of the Iraqi refugee crisis. Northwood Amnesty International invited Ahmed, an Iraqi refugee currently residing in Turkey, to share his experiences with the students in a Skype call. “It