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GBU: Some Final Words

Dear Howler, I’m currently a sophomore, and I’m really nervous about junior year.  Any advice? Good: Don’t be! Contrary to popular belief, junior year is actually pretty manageable and can be an exciting step in your Northwood journey. Make sure to maintain a good work

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Jazz at the Oak

Trumpets and saxophones swung and sang under the stars at Northwood’s annual Jazz at the Oak on May 12.  The event consisted of performances from Sierra Vista Middle School’s Jazz Band and Northwood’s three Jazz Bands and two combos, along with raffles and food trucks.

The best prom photo locations

Flowing gowns and dapper suits, glossy pumps and pocket squares—you know it, it’s prom season. But where can one capture their moments of elegance once prom day comes? Look no further—The Howler has provided you with some various locations that can become the perfect backdrop

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Students speak: new electives

Northwood has recently introduced the new F.O.R.C.E. program, which consists of an English, science and psychology class centered around forensics. The specialized nature of the class intrigued Northwood students, sparking discussion about the addition of future classes that may appeal more towards the individual interests

Luck o’ The Howler: Good, Bad and Ugly

March is that strange time of year where most people are itching for the warm weather and sunshine to begin, but sometimes people aren’t quite ready. Spring officially started this month and some folks are hitting a school slump in anticipation of Spring Break, and