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Sarah Pak: from the classroom to the classroom to the council

Representing student opinions across the state, senior Sarah Pak is the secretary and treasurer of the California Association of Student Councils (CASC), a student-led organization that advocates for youth engagement in state legislation. In this issue of The Howler, Pak shares her growth, experiences and

Club feature: Halo Dance Club

Graceful movements and powerful choreography at the “Halo Dance for Autism” proved that dance is not only a beautiful art form, but also a powerful communicator of emotions and ideas. Organized by Halo Dance Club, the Halo Dance Show on Feb. 16 united Northwood dancers

Finding a balance in sports

In addition to their busy schedules, many Northwood athletes balance club sports with school sports. These passionate athletes often train year-round, spending countless hours each week training and competing in their respective sports. Senior Sophia James, who competed in Northwood Varsity Soccer, Northwood Varsity Softball

The season of love: Valentine’s day activities

Whether you are single or taken, Valentine’s Day is the time to celebrate the people you love, which includes not only your significant other, but also your friends, family members and teachers. This Valentine’s Day, go beyond the usual chocolate and roses, and try out

Robyn Song’s dedication to fencing

Armed with her foil and skilled attacks and defenses, senior Robyn Song is a formidable opponent on the fencing floor. In this issue of The Howler, Song discusses the inspirations, dreams and challenges that have shaped her as a fencer. Alice Chen: When did you