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Beauty Tips with Issa Wen

As the day grows shorter and the crisp weather descends on us, the promise of cozy sweaters, fall foliage and warm beverages is finally around the corner. Makeup enthusiast junior Issa Wen shares some of her beauty tips for transitioning to the colder weather. Moisturize

Artist of the Month: Mulan Homo: Perfect Shots

If a picture is worth a thousand words, junior Mulan Homo is worth millions of them. Through the lens of her DSLR camera, she has captured the people and the world around her. This month, The Howler sits with Homo as she reveals her tips,

Dancing Queen Maxine Xu: Artist of the Month

Throughout her high school career, Northwood Dance Theatre co-captain senior Maxine Xu has created countless choreographies featuring her perfect pirouettes, graceful leaps and passionate movements. This month, The Howler sat down with Xu to discuss her inspirations for her choreographies and the impacts of dance

When you wish upon a Happily Ever Homecoming

In the midst of stressful SATs, anchors and college apps, Northwood students enjoyed a “Happily Ever After” Homecoming week of pep rallies, lunch fests and dress-up days that channeled the happiest place on earth. The magical week culminated at the football game against the University

Celina Guan: to the sky and beyond!

From a young age, senior Celina Guan has dreamed of becoming an Air Force pilot. Her dream has literally taken her beyond the clouds, motivating her to join Civil Air Patrol and various other programs that have taught her skills required to join the Air