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Football defeats Irvine for the third straight year

Northwood’s football team defeated Irvine’s at the homecoming game on Friday, Oct. 7, at the new Portola High School stadium. Regarded by many as the biggest game of the season, Northwood’s stands were packed with supporters cheering on fellow Timberwolves as they competed against the

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Should recreational marijuana be legalized?

Yes: Armin Abaye Every 37 seconds, an American is thrown in jail for being caught with just a few ounces of marijuana. Possession of such a small amount could derail a student’s ability to attend college or damage someone’s employment prospects for the future. In

The rejected classes of Northwood

In light of the school year getting underway, The Howler sent two undercover reporters to the IUSD headquarters to shed some light on why certain classes were rejected. What they discovered were years of cover-ups and lies. Thanks to their work, the truth is finally

New T-wolves on the NHS block

In order to compensate for the loss of staff at the end of last year’s school year, 15 new faces were introduced to Northwood’s campus. Making up the list are language teachers Michele Petrillo and Luc Landeis as well as special education teachers Arati Clarke

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How the two candidates stack up on education

As the presidential election approaches, you may or may not have chosen a candidate to support. Students—especially those intent on higher education—have many concerns, including paying for college and dealing with student loans. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have proposed vastly different plans to solve