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Issue of the Month: Northwood’s Turf Wars

Northwood students returning to campus this August suddenly found themselves plunged into the middle of a turf war. In an unexpected coup, the natural green grass of Northwood has been replaced with the suburban solution to the California drought: artificial turf. Will this regime change

How ugly is Ugly Pie?

If you can get past the peculiar name “Ugly Pie Co.,” you’ll see that the pizzas from this new addition to the Orchard Hills plaza are actually far from hideous.   Upon entering the restaurant, the only words that come to mind are “hipster” and

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August Umms…

Umm…August is the only month beginning with a Saturday in 2015. Umm…the official birthstones of August are peridot and sardonyx. Umm…Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977. Umm…August was originally called Sextilus because it was the sixth month on the Roman calendar. Umm…Warren Harding is

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The SAT: New test, new tricks

Pro: Essay is now optional and is NOT factored into the composite score Does not test obscure vocabulary anymore Has no penalty for guessing On average, there is more time for each question Could be better for students who are strong in reading because of