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Club’s successes across the campus

The Northwood Speech and Debate team competed in the California State University Fullerton Invitational, while the Model United Nation (MUN) club competed in in the Cerritos Novice Conference and hosted their own In-House conference this month. For the Speech and Debate Tournament, the California State

The real reason behind Portola High’s creation

Portola High School opened this year with a single class of brand-new high school students. The Irvine Unified School District (IUSD) claims the construction of the school was intended to alleviate the overpopulation of Irvine high schools, but much controversy has been circulating. Though it

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Pokémon Go (to school)

For those who haven’t joined in on the spectacle, Pokémon GO is the new free-to-play, augmented reality game that Niantic released in July on iOS and Android devices. By using GPS locationing, the user can move around in the real world to virtually catch Pokémon,

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Marvel vs. DC: Fans make the case for each franchise

Marvel(ous) Comics by Angelina Ye Before I even start on how well-organized and nostalgic Marvel Comics is, I would like to acknowledge that DC did have a popular animated universe back in the late 20th to early 21st centuries. But I’m sorry to say that’s where

Hear Ye, hear Ye! Angelina takes out the trash

When I was younger and more impressionable, I was in denial of my true nature, convincing myself that I was just a normal student who didn’t understand the principles of true trashiness. But in embracing my garbage-like qualities, I have since realized that not only