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Meet the new Athletic Commisioners

After extensive campaigning, juniors Kellie May and Michael Bellas have been elected to the positions of Girls and Boys Athletic Commissioners respectively and wish to accomplish the goals they have set for the upcoming school year. As Athletic Commissioners, May and Bellas are responsible for

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Teachers are people, too (continued)

The teachers at Northwood once used to be high school students too, and like all of us, they too have many funny and notable experiences, no matter how much times have changed:   Mr. Hoang You know there’s always an official senior ditch day when

Who’s who in the NHS zoo?

As the school year resumes once again, the inevitable high school social hierarchy resurfaces, with the upperclassmen trying to assert their dominance over the underclassman. So, the real question to be answered is- how do you know who’s in what grade?   In their large

Gearing up for kickoff

Northwood’s Varsity Football team has spent the last two months arduously conditioning, running plays and scrimmaging in preparation for its season opener this Friday against Costa Mesa High School. With the kickoff set at 7 p.m. at the Irvine High School stadium, the players are

Baseball rounds the bases

Before they won their first CIF matchup against Los Altos High School in a 10-0 blowout on Tuesday, Northwood’s baseball team excelled this season, finishing with 3rd place in the Pacific Coast League. “This year, we really came together as a team. Although we have