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Obituary to my senior self

On the afternoon of June 8th, Sanghoon Oh will finally pass on from this world to the next. An absurdist and a cynic, his time at Northwood by numerous events where he would attempt to take the p— out of people and institutions. His eccentric

Debate over proposed Irvine homeless shelter

Build it! Most of us in Irvine have been lucky enough to avoid the worrisome prospect of homelessness. When many of us have access to a good education and comfortable amenities, it is easy to forget about the less fortunate, which is why we must

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Political Activism

In light of the recent election, political activism has become more and more entrenched in modern American culture. In a time when America is more politically divided than ever, it seems like every week, new marches and protests are being held to combat the latest

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Expand your empathy

Whether they realize it or not, one of the most commonly used phrases by students at this school is “I want to kill myself.” This usually comes as a throwaway comment after seeing a poor test score or forgetting to bringing an assignment to class—something

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Good, Bad, Ugly: la edición de amor

Dear Howler, this guy and I like each other, but my parents are super strict and won’t let me date anyone. Help! Good: While your parents’ strictness may be the absolute worst thing in the world at the moment, remember that they are just probably